EZGpsGolf Range for iPhone - coming soon!

Sneak preview

We are proud to present you an upcoming and revolutionary new way to track your practice on the range and at the pitching greens. Have you ever wondered how far the flag on the range really is, with all the changes of position on natural grass driving ranges? As you know a distance to a flag can differ by several 10 meters/yards depending on the position on the range. EZGpsGolf Range will eliminate this question immediately. With the ranger you will setup diffent flags by going to them when the range is empty to record their positions. You can then watch the circles take up their place as they really are from a top view of the driving range. As you change your position on the driving range so will the circles of your measured points change their position on the screen. By moving the screen to the left you will have additional screens for the pitching area. Up to four screens will be available for large training facilities.

Maybe the most unique and most awaited feature of EZGpsGolf Range will be to show you how good your short game is and record how you improve with your wedges and Putter. EZGpsGolf Range will ask you to perform several tasks in a row, helping you to find the correct distance of your task and telling how your shortgame compares to those guys on the tour.

Your measured practice range will be uploaded to our servers and other players will be able to download the positions with their iPhone.