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Welcome to the future in golfing. mdlRSOFT is proud to announce EZGpsGolf Pro, a new revolutionary golfing application unlike any other you have seen so far.
Designed by golfers for golfers at an unbeatable price it provides you with the functionality of a range finder and an integrated scorecard.


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Nothing special about this, you'd say...

What makes EZGpsGolf so unique is that it does not just record your score. It records every single shot you make during the round, including the club you have used, the distance of the shot and the corresponding GPS postion.

Your score will be uploaded in real time to our website, where you can review it after you come back home.

Back home, you will not just see your score. You will see every single shot you have made during the round. You can even see how you played every single shot in Google Earth. Make sure to check our MyScore section for more details.

You want more?

What about our LiveScoring functionality? Every golfer around the world that turns on LiveScoring will send his/her score to our central LiveScoring server, where the scores of all players worldwide will be displayed. Check out our LiveScoring section for more details!

Sounds too complicated to use you might think...

With the input of golfers with handicaps ranging from Pro to beginner we have designed a unique application which will not distract you from what's most important to you: Your Game.