Welcome to the MyScore section of mdlRSOFT.

In this section you will find all the rounds you have played over the time.

What makes MyScore unique is that we not only track your score but also every single shot you have made during the round including the club you used, the distance and the GPS position of the shot.

To see a sample score click here. In the new window click on the Google Earth icon.

Your score and all details are transmitted automatically from your iPhone during the round to our website, if you wish to do so. Time consuming data gathering is a task from the past!

In the future we will enhance our website to provide you with the functionality to evaluate your game in every thinkable way. The access to this feature is free for all EzGps Pro users.

Check this sample scorecard and see how you played the round by generating the Google Earth data

Here you can pickup all the rounds that you have played. Please note that due to server restrictions the detailed GPS data will be available for only 14 days. You can however save the whole comprehensive round locally and keep it forever.