LiveScoring (Beta)

...see who's playing today! (Beta)

Welcome to the LiveScoring section of mdlRSOFT.

EZGpsGolf Pro is the first program available to the public that allows to track a player's score and shots in real time.
When you turn on LiveScoring, your score will automatically be sent to our website where everybody can follow your progress during the round.

Of course, you also have the option to define an alias, in case you only want some people to know you're playing!

Track the Game of a Player on his scorecard and what course he is currently playing...

The future is coming

In future relases we will provide the option to create your private tournaments that can be followed online.
Imagine your Club Championship displayed in the Club House, where you can follow shot by shot how your champs are doing...

Check using a Livescoring Session Id:

Livescoring Session Id

Request a Livescoring Session Id:

Just press the button below and you will get a LiveScoring Session Id.

Distribute the Livescoring Session Id:

Distribute this Session Id between all the players who you want to see under the same id. To activate this id in EZ Gps Golf Pro add the LiveScoring Session Id to the Livescoring Id in your settings separated by 2 plus signs. ( keep 0 pressed in keyboard e.g. myalias -> myalias++12345). This is required until our new version of EZ Gps Golf becomes available.