What is iconMagic

Your directories will look stunning in no time with iconMagic.

Go from this look
to this look in no time

Simply drag and drop the image from any source to the left box and the file or directory whose icon you want to change to the right. You can use any image file format linke png , jpg , TIFF .

You can also use your browser as the source. Find your image and simply drag it into the left box.
Then click to change the icon. Click to remove the icon.

In these websites you can find stunning Icons that can be used to beautify your desktop.
Icon Archive
Free Icon Site
Open Icon Library

Should you have any issues or ideas how we can enhance iconMagic drop us a note at mdlrsoft@email.de

or simply search in Google Images to find thousands of images to use.

Once you find a nice Image simply drag and drop it into the left box on the screen.

What is iTunes Bulk Mode

If you are using iTunes as your Music player iconMagic can use the saved Artwork to beautify the directories where your music is stored.
Go from this look
to this look in with just 1 click

First locate the directory where your Music is stored ( usually /Users/username/Music ). Then go to the iTunes Bulk Mode tab , select which directories should be beautified ( Artist or Album) and press GO .

Depending on the size of your iTunes Library and the speed of your processor this process might take a while. For a MacBook Air with 20.000 songs it took less than 2 minutes to process.

To remove the icons select the option Remove icons

Troubleshooting / Hints

Q: I don't see any icons on the directories
A: Sometimes Finder does not refresh the images immediately. Restart Finder by selecting the Apple Icon on the top left corner and select force quit. Select Finder and press relaunch.

Q: ITunes Bulk Mode not working
A: New applications for Mac have to follow a new concept called App Sandboxing. With this concept an App is not allowed to change any data outside of it's normal reach. This is why it is imperative that you drag and drop the correct directory under which your Music files are stored. With this action you are explicitly allowing iconMagic to access those directories.

Q: The image looks distorted
A: Icons are always Square. If your source file is not square it will be adapted. If you want however a square image press the icon and change your file with a tool like Preview.

TIP: Open the directory of your iTunes Music library while iTunes Bulk Mode is running and see how the icons are added magically to your files.